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RPS Requirements - Is Your Energy Portfolio Compliant?

Renewables have been headlining many news outlets especially with the Biden administration proposing the $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal to achieve 100 percent carbon pollution-free electricity by 2035. As demand grows for renewables, so has the interest in businesses to go green. However, if you are a retail supplier, there are Renewables Portfolio Standards (RPS) that obligate each retail seller to supply a minimum percentage or amount of their retail load with eligible sources of renewable energy. Renewable energy is energy that comes from resources that cannot be depleted or those that constantly replenish over time such as wind, solar, ocean, hydropower, biomass energy, hydrogen, and geothermal power. It's important to note that the required amount of renewables in your portfolio can also vary depending on the market. This is especially important for suppliers since this could mean major penalties for those suppliers who do not meet their state's requirements.

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