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SC studying electricity market reforms, gas and power forwards hold low marks

Power and gas stay low, cooler weather to come in the West

Forward gas and power continue to fall, suppliers ask for rehearing of NY PSC Reset Order

Power prices in ERCOT continue the upward trend with gains along the entirety of the forward curve, while ISONE, NYISO, and PJM trend downwards

ERCOT power prices still on the rise as concerns of a continually tight supply stack drive up the forward curve; Below normal temps in western U.S. due to trough of cooler air from Canada.

Power curves in ERCOT see notable price gains farther out for Summer 2020; Physical gas spot markets trended upwards across most markets.

Power curves trended upwards across the board, with notable gains in NYISO, PJM, and ERCOT; Physical gas spot markets, on the other hand, saw widespread decreases.

Consistent gains continue on the ERCOT forward curve; Central portion of the Atlantic coast expecting tropical storm activity.

Power curves trade higher in the Northeast as above normal temperatures continue to hold; ERCOT forward curve prices trend upwards.

Price movements in ERCOT mixed, with short term trending down and long term trending up. Above normal heat hangs in the eastern half of the country, particularly northeast.

Power curves trended downwards, with modest losses across all markets; constraints at SoCal Citygate ease as temperatures cool off.

Power and gas curves trade higher; ERCOT forward curve near terms trend downwards as Cal 2019 prices move higher.

Power and gas curves tick higher on bullish natural gas storage report.

Power curves collapse in ERCOT and edge higher in Midwest and Northeast, as extreme temperatures in the South and Southwest ease.

Natural gas and power curves mixed as rising natural gas production offsets upwards pressure from low storage and higher temperatures.

Temperatures ease, helping gas and power prices move lower in most markets.

Power curves slip in Texas and Chicago, trade higher in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Power curves trended up across eastern markets; nation-wide heat wave continues, however some rain may tamper the above normal heat.

Power curves post modest losses in PJM, NY and New England; ERCOT prices continue lower but at a slower pace.

Most power curves post incremental gains on warming temperatures; ERCOT curves continue to trade lower.

Forward curves mixed on regional variation in temperatures; ERCOT trades lower, PJM and Northeast tick higher.

Warmer than average temperatures in store for most of the country. Power curves are mixed with modest losses in PJM and sharp declines in ERCOT.

Summer temperatures spread, pushing power curves higher from Texas to New England. System maintenance outages drive spot gas price increases.

Unseasonably warm temperatures in the South move gas futures higher; spot gas prices and power curves are mixed.

Physical gas prices fall on warming temperatures. Power curves and natural gas futures move higher.

Moderate spring temperatures bring electricity and gas forward curves down before the summer heat arrives.

Power curves tick lower as warming temperatures spread. EIA reports a record-setting third consecutive weekly withdrawal for the month of April.

Power curves and spot gas prices move higher.

Financial gas markets and forward power curves move higher on cooler than normal temperatures and winter storm activity.

Forward power curves mixed; financial gas contracts unchanged; physical gas prices move higher with colder than normal temperatures in the Northeast and upper Midwest.

Physical spot gas prices dip for the week, while forward gas and power curves move higher.

Financial gas slips 4%; spot gas and power forwards are mixed based on regional demand factors.

Spot gas prices rise on colder than average temperatures; financial gas and power forwards tick lower.

Winter hangs on, pushing spot gas prices higher. Financial gas and power curves are generally unchanged; ERCOT curves continue to march higher.

Power prices move higher as colder than normal temperatures are forecasted for both the East and West coasts; above normal conditions in store for the Midwest.

Financial gas edges higher, physical gas curves remain bullish; power curves higher in Texas, mostly unchanged for the rest of the country.

Prices stabilize at new low points as we exit winter. Warm and wet conditions prevail in the East with colder conditions remaining North of the Canadian border.

Warmer temperatures continue for most of the country, sending power and gas prices lower for a second straight week.

Power and gas prices plunge on bearish weather forecasts for the end of February.

Forward power and gas curves move higher on colder forecasts for early February. Spot gas prices mixed.

Gas prices stabilize, power prices tick lower, as nationwide temperatures ease.

Natural gas spot prices retreat from recent highs; gas and power forward curves jump on record withdrawal from natural gas storage.

Spot gas prices soar as winter storm Grayson hits the East coast; financial gas and power forwards slip as markets focus on warming trend for the second half of January.

Severe cold grips the Eastern two thirds of the country sending power and gas prices sharply higher.

Forward power prices rise across all major ISOs as cold temperatures linger in the North and East.

Gas and power prices fall on moderating temperatures; holiday forecasts call for colder than normal conditions.

Warming temperatures push short-term gas and power prices lower.

Looming cold snap pushes gas and power prices higher, especially in the Northeast.

Natural gas spot and futures prices fall on milder weather. December forecast turns colder signaling a bullish trend for power and gas prices.

Gas and power prices end a volatile week in negative territory.

Cold snap eases while power and gas prices move higher in the Northeast.

Power prices move higher across the board as cooler temperatures spread.

Power prices continue to march lower on weak power burn demand.

Power curves and financial gas markets trade lower. Heat in the West and cold in the East point to higher power burn and heating demand in early November.

Financial gas and power prices move higher on strong power burn demand in Eastern markets. Physical gas prices mixed.

Gas markets trend lower, while power prices show upside momentum on warmer than normal conditions in the Midwest and East.

Power and gas prices move lower on moderating temperatures and robust outlook for natural gas storage.

Power burn demand rises as Florida returns to pre-Irma power generation levels. Power prices soft in Texas and the Northeast, modestly higher in PJM.

Power prices move higher in the Northeast with warmer than normal temperatures in the forecast; the Caribbean braces for Hurricane Maria.

Power prices and financial gas markets move lower on mild temperatures and bearish fundamentals. Physical gas spot prices mixed.

Financial gas and power prices move higher. Texas prices spike due to Harvey as natural gas production remains severely constrained. The Caribbean and Florida brace for Category 5 Irma.

Harvey punishes East Texas with historic amounts of rain. Power prices fall on below normal temperatures for the end of August and early September.

Bearish storage data and cooler outlook for the balance of August pressure natural gas and power prices.

Power prices moved higher due to a forecasted return to normal summer temps in late August. Financial gas markets moved higher; physical gas markets were mixed on variable temps and demand.

Gas markets trade lower on cooler temperatures and another bearish natural gas storage report. Power curves are mixed; lower in New England, steady in New York and Texas, and modestly higher in PJM.

Power curves trade lower as July heat wave eases; Midwest and East Coast will enjoy cooler than normal conditions into August.

Natural gas prices move modestly higher on above-normal temperatures and relatively bullish natural gas storage report. Power prices mixed; lower in PJM, higher in the Northeast and Texas.

Gas and power prices continue to tick lower on below average temperatures and bearish natural gas storage report.

Southwestern heat wave ends but normal Summer temps support gas prices. Power prices trend lower. Tropical wave in the Atlantic Ocean may soon become a named storm.

Major Western heat wave ends while physical gas and power prices gain ground; financial gas prices continue to fall. July 2017 NYMEX Henry Hub contract is down more than 18% since middle of May

Power prices trade sharply lower in PJM, New York and New England; ERCOT prices show modest losses.

Financial gas prices stabilize; physical gas prices fall in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast; power prices higher in Texas, but lower in PJM, NYISO and New England.

Natural gas prices collapse on wide-spread below normal temperatures; July 2017 NYMEX down more than 9% week over week.

Bearish weather forecasts push gas and power prices lower

Bearish natural gas storage, prices down; momentum up in power prices

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